$10 million boost for Solomons’ tuna firm


The Solomon Islands’ only tuna processing facility, SolTuna, is looking to increase its processing capacity from 90 tonnes to 150 tonnes a day with an upgrade to its existing processing facilities in Noro, the country’s Western Province.<!--more-->

SolTuna plans to achieve this boost to its production with a US$10 million funds infusion in infrastructure from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), according to a statement the company released last week. IFC is the private sector lending arm of the World Bank.

Environmental and social aspects of SolTuna’s operation have received due consideration as part of the investment review process, the release says.

Among various factors considered include sustainability of the four target tuna species supplied (or to be supplied) by SolTuna’s primary supplier, NFD; labour and working conditions for SolTuna employees; the proposed upgrades to be financed, including any potential displacement through land-lease or acquisition; emergency preparedness and response systems; monitoring and performance date in terms of environmental, health, safety and social management and management of contractors and suppliers.

The management of SolTuna is calling for comments and submissions from the community and the public as regards any concerns they might have about the expansion of the project.

SolTuna has made available reports of the environment and social review summary on the proposed project at its head office in both Honiara and Noro for consideration by the public.

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