?Buy FSM made? label conveys uniqueness of local story



Pacific Trade and Invest (PT&I) NZ partnered with The Federated States of Micronesia?s (FSM) Department of Resources and Development to host a Trade Fair to coincide with the Pacific Islands Forum annual leaders? meeting earlier this month in Pohnpei.

The Trade Fair was intended to showcase and promote the various and high quality FSM made products ranging from clothing (Chuukese Mumu/Pohnpeian Skirts), handicrafts, agriculture (Kosrae Banana Chips and Paper Products) and marine products to participants and delegates of the PIF meeting. A few selected producers from across the four FSM states were displayed and sold their wares at the show, the first of its kind in the country with a nationwide flavour.

This was the perfect opportunity to launch the ?Buy FSM Made? campaign in partnership with PT&I, which has earlier worked with the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) on the successful ?Buy Marshallese? campaign in 2014-15. PT&I designed and printed stickers that were applied on to the products that were sold to an international clientele that had gathered for the leaders meeting. As well as the stickers on the products, the ?Buy FSM Made? logo was popularised on posters around the venue.

PT&I Trade Commissioner Michael Greenslade said, ?One of the indicators of a successful export company is that it has a story with a strong local base, which in effect helps transform it into a strong export company. Hence the importance of a strong ?Made locally? branding, as PT&I has helped build here in FSM and earlier in the Marshall Islands. The local story adds richly to the uniqueness of the product.?

FSM President Peter M. Christian visited the booths and was impressed by the quality of the products, according to FSM officials. First Lady Maurina W. Christian lead other first ladies who accompanied their husbands to the Trade Fair and many of them left with bags of souvenirs. Throughout the three days, projected sales and orders booked amounted to more than $20,000.

The first nationwide Trade Fair also highlighted the launching of the ?Buy FSM Made? campaign. This was made possible with the generous assistance of the Pacific Trade and Invest, New Zealand by providing ?Buy FSM Made? stickers which were lodged on every product sold during the fair. In addition, the Auckland based PT&I also conducted a workshop focusing on interaction and participation of vendors at a Trade Fair.

The turnout was a success for the FSM market and to each of the vendors, as many of them sold a good number of items to the visiting delegates and introduced and promoted their products to consumers from other markets across the Pacific.

In addition to the assistance of the Pacific Islands Trade and Invest, the FSM Department of Resources and Development was supported during the Trade Fair by the Pohnpei State Government Department of Economic Affairs and the Hub and Spokes II Programme funded by the EU, ACP Secretariat.

For more information, please email Joe Fuavao, Trade Development Manager PT&amp;I NZ at <a href="mailto:joe.f@pacifictradeinvest.co.nz">joe.f@pacifictradeinvest.co.nz</a>

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