Apia’s waterfront to get major makeover


The view from Apia’s long waterfront promenade is set to change. The Samoan capital’s waterfront is set for a major facelift in the coming years.<!--more-->

[caption id="attachment_4216" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Apia’s impressive Marina opened a few years ago. Photo: Dev Nadkarni"]<a href="https://pacifictradeinvest.com/PTI/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Apia-Marina-1.jpg"><img class="size-full wp-image-4216" title="Apia Marina 1" src="https://pacifictradeinvest.com/PTI/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Apia-Marina-1.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="200" /></a>[/caption]


The Samoan authorities have invited developers to submit conceptual designs which will go to the Samoan Cabinet for final approval.

“We have reached a stage in our economic development for the capital Apia to take on a modern outlook,” Finance Minister Faumuina Tiatia Liuga has been quoted as saying in the Samoa Observer.

“A look that will reflect high corporate and business standards, a relaxed social ambience and very tourist friendly.

“It will also be a redeveloped waterfront that people can bring their families to enjoy.”

The redevelopment, Faumuina said, will encompass the construction of manmade beaches along the waterfront, cafes, bars, restaurants, gardens, parks and marinas.

“It will be a huge and expensive undertaking, but it is essential in taking economic development, in terms of business and tourism development, to the next level.”

Faumuina said the Apia Waterfront Redevelopment project will begin construction within 12 months.

The last major development on Apia’s waterfront was the impressive new marina built further up the road from the Aggie Grey Hotel a few years ago. As well as an array of visiting yachts from all over the world, a floating restaurant is an attraction for tourists.

The new waterfront will undoubtedly add to the pulling power of Samoa as a growing tourist destination.


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