Be the voice of the Pacific


The public have an opportunity to voice their concerns about issues affecting the Pacific region by making a public submission for the regional initiatives under the Framework for Pacific Regionalism.<!--more--><img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-13903" src="" alt="rsz_concept-of-sustainable-development1" width="300" height="158" />Submissions are currently being sought for the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat Leader’s Meeting, in the Federated States of Micronesia to be held September 7-11, 2016. Leaders from the 16 independent and self-governing states will gather to discuss issues following the adoption of the Framework for Pacific Regionalism, which represents a high-level commitment to pursuing deeper regionalism.

The Framework for Pacific Regionalism articulates the vision, values and objectives of an enhanced Pacific regionalism, and sets out a process for developing and prioritising regional public policy. This is intended to be an inclusive process, by which anyone can propose ideas for regional initiatives to address the key challenges facing the Pacific. It is a region-wide consultative initiative that aims to shape the future of the islands region with inputs from wide ranging interest groups.

As described in the Framework for Pacific Regionalism, regional initiatives should address and deal with key public policy issues and challenges for the region that require the oversight of Pacific Island Leaders and that are most appropriately dealt with at the regional (or sub-regional) level.

These initiatives should address issues of real substance and import; that prompt action on public policy, public expenditure, legal and/or regulatory reform, collective diplomatic effort, regional advocacy and lobbying, and/or the financing of regionalism.

At last year’s PIFS Leaders’ Meeting at Port Moresby, five priority issues were identified and included on the agenda. They were: increased economic returns from fisheries activity and maritime surveillance; climate change and disaster risk management; information and communication technology; West Papua; and cervical cancer.

As an important engine of economic development, the private sector has been invited to contribute ideas and potential initiatives for the leaders’ consideration through the submissions process.

The Forum Secretariat will accept regional initiatives submissions until April 10, 2016.

For more, visit…/framework-for-pacific-regiona…/ for more information on how to make a submission.