Beach or Pacific island – what'd you prefer to buy?


A fundraising initiative to raise $2 million to buy a private New Zealand beach has met its goal with over 38,958 pledges made on the fund raising site. New Zealanders took the opportunity to buy a slice of beach in the Abel Tasman National Park. The initiative was launched about three weeks ago to buy back the beach from private ownership.

[caption id="attachment_7741" align="alignleft" width="400"]<a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-7741" src="" alt="If a beach in New Zealand can be bought for $2million, how about islands in the Pacific? " width="400" height="262" /></a> If a beach in New Zealand can be bought for $2million, how about islands in the Pacific?[/caption]

That set us thinking… If a beach in New Zealand can be bought for $2million, how about islands in the Pacific? Here’s what we found…

Compared to buying a small freehold Pacific island, the $2 million price tag for the seven-hectare stretch of beach at Awaroa inlet is relatively reasonable.

Online web resources list a range of Pacific islands for sale. Oyster Island in Vanuatu, 65 acres or 26.30 hectares was sold for US$2.5 million or (NZ$3,312,301). But buyers can choose from a range of small Pacific islands priced from several hundreds of thousands leasehold islands to over NZ$5 million for freehold.

Three islands in French Polynesia include Ahe Atoll, a private island available for just US$640,000 or NZ$847,949 for 17 acres or 6.88 hectares.

Society Island is a non-developed freehold private island of 19 acres/7.69 hectares being sold for 3.5 million Euro or NZ$5.7 million.  The island has an archipelago, coral reefs, lagoons, volcanic peaks and abundant tropical fish.  “No human – only fish and birds live on and around this charming islet” according to the website.  The government is supportive of tourist developments and can work with the land owners to financially cooperate with. Whilst Motu Tipaemaua Island, Raiate is freehold and being sold for $3.5 million Euro or NZ$5.7 million.

Fiji’s Tivi Island is for sale for US$5 million or NZ$6,624,601. The private island is freehold and has around 150 acres or 60.70 hectares including 5 bays, pure white sandy beaches.

One of the largest freehold islands in Fiji is Tikina-i-ra, Vanua Levu. The privately owned island is 9822.00 acres or 3,974.82 hectares. The property has ocean frontage to North South and West with 25 km of coast line in Fiji’s tax free zone. The closing date for sale was 4 February.

Leasehold islands in Tonga include Tahifehifa Island, of 1.09 acres or .44 hectares for a seemingly affordable NZ$490,492 situated in the Vavaú Islands.

The late Queen Salote of Tonga gifted Kelefesia Island Ha’apai, Tonga to the grandfather of the current owner. The lease is US$6 million or NZD$7.9 million.

New Zealand also has two islands for sale - Pakatoa Island in the Hauraki Gulf and Motukawaiti Island in the Bay of Islands, with 93.000 acres or 37.64 hectares.

In Australia, Temple Island is available leasehold for AUD$1,095.913 million or Victor Island which is leasehold, 7.75 acres/3.14 hectares is AUD$1.9 million or NZD $2.5 million.