Bilo Sinai: Taking Kadavu's famous premium kava to the world


Kava from the Fijian island of Kadavu is well known in Fiji and around the Paci?c as premium quality kava and fetches top dollar for its mix. But the farmers are disadvantaged by the distance to their markets and often are not able to get the best process for their produce.<!--more-->

Bilo Sinai was established to ensure that the farmers would get compensated fairly for what their produce was worth, while also eliminating the added costs of transportation and pounding which Bilo Sinai Pte Ltd would incur as part of its business plan.

Max Tuilau and Snehal Morris helm the young and agile, fast-growing Kava company that is keen on expanding its exports. The directors bring with them extensive experience in marketing and export ?elds having successfully exported tuna to Japan and the USA for the past six years and working for international organisations like the United Nations and foreign embassies.

Mr Tuilau hails from Kadavu and has knowledge which has been passed down for generations when it comes to kava farming, handling and processing and is passionate about the product. The directors want to ensure a ?rm protection plan for the farmers and a quality product for consumers. Establishing a reliable supply chain link in the local market from the farmer in remote islands to kava connoisseurs in the main cities is their aim.

Bilo Sinai is the ?rst Fijian Kava brand to pack its product in a ziplock log with an added seal to ensure freshness both before and after opening so kava lovers can enjoy a perfect bowl of Bilo Sinai every time, according to the company profile.

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For the export market Bilo Sinai currently has 500g, 250g and 100g packs and are open to pack as per the required sizes by the speci?c importer. The products are available in resealable stand up pouches which packs approximately 500grams for retail sales, but are open to other options especially if the kava is being used for medicinal and research purposes.

?We are extremely delighted to be able to showcase our product at the Pasifika Festival. This festival gives us a great opportunity to market our product to our target consumers and also offer consumers a chance to sample some of the Pacific's finest products,? Ms Morris said.

Acknowledging PT&amp;I's facilitating role, Ms Morris said, ?PT&amp;I offers emerging Pacific companies like ours an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with potential buyers and even direct customers. The assistance they provide gives companies like ours a better in depth understanding of exporting to New Zealand and enables us to connect with importers who are reliable and trustworthy.?

Ms Morris and Mr Tuilau hope that their participation at Pasifika 2017 lifts the profile of their product and that ?We are able to find a relevant market for it in New Zealand through reliable buyers, who in turn can offer consumers our product,? Ms Morris said.

?We are honoured to be selected as one of the participants from Fiji at this year?s Pasifika Festival and hope that what we bring captures the attention and taste buds of people in New Zealand.

For more information email Ian Furlong, PT&amp;I (NZ) Trade Development Manager at