Brief with the Cook Islands Prime Minister – Hon. Henry Puna


The PT&amp;I Trade team met briefly with the Cook Islands Prime Minister Hon. Henry Puna during his visit to Fiji to meet with the President of China, Xi Jinping.<!--more-->

Prime Minister Puna briefed the PT&amp;I team on the Cooks biggest festival ever – The 50<sup>th</sup> Anniversary of Self-government in 2015.  The celebrations will focus on celebrating nationhood reflecting on the nation’s journey since self-government in 1965.

A number of key events will be hosted during the year with a steering committee formed to develop the year’s programme of activities.  PT&amp;I are also planning an event under the Trade Annual Work programme 2015 to tie in with the Cook Islands celebration programme.

PT&amp;I will work closely with the Trade and Investment related agencies and private sector in Rarotonga to help deliver this proposed event for 2015.  PM Puna welcomed the PT&amp;I initiative and working with the organizing committee as part of the year’s programme.

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