Business council picks better NZ-Fiji trade


The Fiji New Zealand Business Council has said it expects trade between the two countries to improve following recent announcements by the New Zealand Government that have hinted at improving diplomatic relations.<!--more-->

Last week the New Zealand Government announced it was assisting the Fijian Government with NZ$500,000 towards its planned elections in 2014. The Australian Government also announced it would be doubling its aid to Fiji in 2014.

Australian Senator Bob Carr said last week that Australia would reinstate a High Commissioner to Fiji. Australia has had the post vacant since 2009. Both Australia and New Zealand have also agreed to take a more understanding approach to travel sanctions, though bans will still hold for people closely associated with the military regime.

“The [Fiji New Zealand Business] council and its members have consistently sought the removal of these travel bans which has prevented a significant number of qualified and capable local businessmen and women from serving their community by accepting board appointments on numerous statutory boards,” council president Raman Dahia was quoted in the Fiji Times as saying. “This will positively contribute to an increase in trade between the two countries.”


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