Can Pacific Islanders get a piece of the Guam cake?


The region’s biggest infrastructure project ever – the US$15 billion relocation of the naval base – is expected to create thousands of jobs as it rolls on. <!--more-->One of the mandates of the project is to employ local people, which is indeed a great opportunity for employment for Pacific Islanders. Individual island governments need to gear up for this demand that is set to rise over the next few years as the project gathers steam.

Opportunities are expected to come up in a wide range of trades and professions. Governments need to set up a register of skilled people from individual island countries to facilitate their selection and employment in Guam. A region wide register of skilled workers is an idea whose time has come. An idea that could well be pursued by the private sector with interests in the human resources sector.

The business has the potential to not only promote workforce migration but also raise incomes across the islands.