China?s Fujian province evinces interest in Pacific fisheries


Deep-sea fishing businesses from the coastal Chinese province of Fujian have expressed strong interest in strengthening ties with the Pacific Islands during a major fisheries expo in June.<!--more-->

Yolanda Jiang, PT&amp;I China?s Manager, Trade, Operations and Special Projects based in Beijing, attended the 11<sup>th</sup> Fuzhou International Fisheries Expo, the second largest professional fisheries fair in China.

Ms Jiang participated in a Global Fisheries Communication and Cooperation Roundtable Meeting together with Chinese Government representatives and fisheries business leaders. The theme of the discussion was ?Constructing the 21<sup>st</sup> Century Maritime Silk Road and Promoting Fishery Exchanges and Cooperation?. Ms Jiang promoted opportunities for China-Pacific cooperation, including investment.

China?s Fujian Province is a leader in deep-sea fishing and the provincial Government provides preferential policies and capital to encourage its enterprises to expand globally, providing opportunities as well as challenges for the Pacific Islands.

Not only will Fujian enterprises be looking for more resources from the Pacific fisheries, but the Pacific will also face the challenge of export price competition from Chinese flagged vessels which enjoy tariff and tax advantages.

?We hope to establish an effective platform for Pacific Island companies to communicate with Chinese companies, extend the mutual understanding of each party in terms of pelagic fishery investment, to promote more investment opportunities, and attract technical support from Chinese government, to help local aquaculture development, enhance the competitiveness of local price of inshore fishing.? Ms Jiang, told <em>Pacific Periscope</em>.

PT&amp;I China is looking to follow up with the various deep-sea fishing enterprises that were keen to develop further cooperation with the Pacific and would welcome expressions of interest from Pacific investment projects seeking Chinese capital investment.

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