China to get Fijian bauxite early next year


Fijian authorities this week approved the first batch of heavy machinery including a fleet of heavy trucks at the Nawailevu mine site, which is expected to begin shipping bauxite to China in the first quarter of next year.<!--more-->

Bauxite is an important ingredient in the manufacture of aluminium and is much sought after by the fast industrialising nations of China and India. It also finds uses in the consumer product packaging industry.

The Nawailevu facility mine was opened just last week. The operation’s parent company XINFA AURUM, has brought in 15 ten-wheeler trucks worth more than $1 million to the site and other heavy equipment is being installed.

The Fijian administration has said that the mining sector would create immediate business and employment opportunities, improve living standards, cut poverty and attract economic attention to the region.

Meanwhile, to facilitate direct exports of minde bauxite ore from the site to Chinese ports for further processing, the Fijian administration has enabled the construction of a fairly large wharf in Bua, not far from the site of the mining operations.