Entrepreneur looks to boost Fiji investment


New Zealand entrepreneur Peter Watt believes it’s time to boost his investments in Fiji. <!--more-->

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The savvy Auckland based real estate investor and garment manufacturer, exporter and retailer has been a long time Fiji investor. Among his other investments, he co-owns Golden Point Resort at picturesque Rakiraki in the north of Fiji’s main island Viti Levu.

The 20-room resort is a hit with tourists looking to relax away from the popular resorts of western Fiji. The resort offers a host of adventure and sporting options on the water including weekend fishing trips along with a quiet leisurely stay for those so inclined. As part of continuing investment in the property, a new conference centre has recently been added to address the needs of the growing numbers of companies setting up shop around the Rakiraki-Tavua area. The resort has also proved popular with a visiting Bollywood film crew, which was filming a Hindi movie in the area.

“We have enough vacant land there to expand and we are planning a variety of units around the property,” Mr Watt says. He believes now is the time to consider serious investment in the island nation, with many uncertainties a thing of the past. While expanding his picturesque resort with new accommodations and amenities, Mr Watt is also looking at newer investment – and not necessarily restricted to real estate.

The businessman who operates garment factories in New Zealand and China and exports quality high end garments to retail chains in Europe and Australia is keenly aware of Fiji’s potential as a garment manufacturing hub. “Fiji has had a significant garment industry before and there is no reason why it couldn’t regain its past status,” he says.

Peter Watt runs four garment outlets in Auckland under the recognised brand name “Tommy Gun”, which sells suits, shirts, trousers, accessories and shoes. Tommy Gun merchandise is manufactured both in New Zealand and China. “If manufacturing could be scaled up in Fiji and if good volumes could be churned out, there’s every reason for the garment industry to return to Fiji in a significant way,” he says.

Mr Watt is appreciative of the advice he receives from Pacific Islands Trade &amp; Invest (PT&amp;I). “PT&amp;I has been a great sounding board for us. I never fail to consult the PT&amp;I team on any investment opportunities or business ideas that I might be contemplating especially in Fiji or the islands. The team always provides me with sound advice, which I greatly value because they know the Pacific quite well,” he says.

The PT&amp;I team is working closely with Mr Watt’s business group in identifying investment, manufacturing and trading opportunities in a few sectors in the Pacific.