Fiji’s TCF sector to participate in Australia sourcing expo


Several manufacturer-members of Fiji’s Textile, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) Council will attend the Australia International Sourcing Fair, which will be held at the Sydney Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour from November 20 to 22.<!--more-->

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Fiji’s TCF sector has in recent years seen appreciable upgrading. Many of the factories have undergone re-engineering and re-tooling, bringing major buyers into Fiji in big numbers. Fiji manufacturers are diverse and are technologically competent in most areas of garment manufacturing.

The TCF Council in partnership with the Fiji government has been active in training and developing more qualified personnel to handle the particular requisites of premier fashion designers’ requirements worldwide.

“The main aim of TCF is to promote Fiji's many competitive advantages that include quality assurance commitments that position Fiji's elite nation status as a garment manufacturer,” the council says.

“It makes all the sense in the world that someday Fiji's propensity for small and high quality runs will meet up with the fashion world's ever unsaturated desire to be unique.”

Danam Ltd, Jack's Garments, Mark One Apparel, PFD Fiji, Ranjit Garments, United Apparel, Intimate Apparel and Nagsun Apparel are among companies that will participate in next week’s show in Sydney.


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