Fiji-PNG boost business ties


The high profile delegation from Fiji that visited Papua New Guinea last week has reportedly resulted in a raft of major business deals and announcements of cooperation between the two countries that are intended to boost business ties significantly.<!--more-->
<p style="text-align: left;">Among the major deals is t<a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-4819 alignleft" alt="handshake1" src="" width="200" height="150" /></a>he tie up between the Fiji National Provident Fund and PNG's Independent Public Business Corporation, IPBC, which will see Fiji's major mobile telecommunication company, Vodafone Fiji investing in PNG. Vodafone will now take up to forty per cent equity and the management rights in PNG’s mobile operator BeMobile under the Vodafone brand.</p>
Meanwhile, Richard Maru, PNG’s Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry said PNG had a keen interest in establishing joint ventures with Fiji’s coconut oil industry to boost exports. “If Fiji companies come here … they can organise a processing plant here where they can process all our coconut oil into high-end products,” he told media.

The Fiji government has announced the setting up of a Fiji Trade Mission office in Papua New Guinea to boost Fiji's economic presence in the growing Melanesian economy. The idea is to ultimately create a common market in the Melanesian region.

Among other business and trade friendly announcements: citizens of both countries will no longer require visas to visit each other. This is additional to already prevailing labour movement plans between the Melanesian Spearhead Group countries.

Also, a scheme to tap into the talent and experience of retired Fijian civil servants to work in PNG is being mooted to help build PNG’s pool of skills.

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