Fiji eyes Middle East investors with new embassy


Fiji will open a new embassy in Abu Dhabi this week followed up with a trade delegation that will participate in seminars and meetings with investors interested in projects in the country.<!--more-->

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Investment Fiji chairman Adrian Sofield, who will be part of the delegation together with officials from Fiji’s Ministry of Industry and Trade, said the embassy has already set up one on one sessions with potential investors.

Trade with Abu Dhabi from Fiji is worth just about F$1million a year presently. Abu Dhabi exports about F$1.8million worth of merchandise into Fiji. Much of Fiji’s current exports comprise timber products while imports consist of rubber and plastic. Mr Sofield sees potential for growth in other sectors.

“We believe in terms of trade they would be into the high end products but investment we are certainly going to promote especially the tourism industry projects such as Momi, we have the agricultural sector that we can promote but also promote investment in infrastructure here,” Mr Sofield said.