Fiji to hold trade show at London’s Pacific show


A Fiji government media statement has said the country’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Solo Mara, and his staff was liaising with agencies in Fiji for a proposed trade promotion show to be held in October in London.<!--more-->

The trade promotion is to coincide with the London Pacific Fashion Show, where the commission will be teaming up with a group of Fijian fashion enthusiasts with the participation of four Fijian designers.

“The trade promotion is aimed at investors around Europe and the Fijian diaspora community,” the statement said.

Representatives from Investment Fiji, Trade and Commerce, Tourism Fiji, FRCA, Immigration, FNPF, Reserve Bank of Fiji, Bank of South Pacific, will be the core group from Fiji to be part of the trade promotion.

The commission recently participated in the 53rd International Spring Fair 2012 as part of its effort to promote Fiji in the UK and showcased traditional and cultural artifacts and traditional dishes.