Grants for research projects on coral reefs


A Partnership between the Institute for Pacific Coral Reefs (IRCP) and two French Polynesian firms, Societe des Nouveaux Hotels (SNH) et Societe Polynesienne de Developpement Durable (SPDD) is making four grants available in 2016 to young scientists<!--more--> (PhD, Post-doctorate or degrees of similar levels; below 35 years of age) of French nationality or Foreigners to conduct a scientific project on the coral reefs of French Polynesia (<a href=""></a>).

Among the four candidates selected, at least one candidate will come from South Pacific Island States in order to promote training for scientific research in these countries. The sum of each grant will be 4500 € (euros) in order to cover travel expenses to and from French Polynesia, accommodation and research costs at the Criobe station (<a href=""></a>).

Selected candidates will perform their respective projects in no more than 12 months, following the grant notification. A preliminary report will be written in the month following the end of field work. A final report, including at least one publication project in a peer reviewed scientific journal of a high standard, will be provided by the successful candidate in the following year.

The grant should be mentioned in reports and publications under the name “IRCP, Societe des Nouveaux Hotels, Societe Polynesienne de Developpement Durable”.

For 2016, four young scientists will be selected. Applications will include a CV (two pages only), a research project (not more than five pages), an abstract of research project (100-200 words) and a financial appendix (including estimated expenses - 1 page).  Applications must reach before January 25, 2016, sent to <a href=""></a> or <a href=""></a>

The final four selected candidates will be announced on February 25, 2016.