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Pacific Islands Trade & Invest last week conducted an investment opportunity seminar for the Ni-Vanuatu workers in Napier, New Zealand.

<!--more-->The seminar is to provided the seasonal workers with information on financial budgeting, effective savings schemes and list of investment opportunity back in their villages.

A majority who attended the seminar are returning Ni-Vanautu workers. Since the implementation of the RSE scheme in 2007, the number of RSE workers who are working in the horticulture and viticulture industries is steadily growing every year.

Diana, one of the female Ni-Vanuatu workers who has also been on a previous working visit, proudly said she had bought a bus for public transportation in her region. She commissioned her family members to manage the business while she is away working here in New Zealand.

Similarly, workers from Epi Island have taken back and installed solar lights providing night-time lighting for the first ever time in their villages.

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