Honing Pacific auditors’ supervisory skills


A two-week training programme on supervisory roles in government auditing has better equipped 21 participants from 15 Pacific Island countries and territories to carry out their important fiduciary responsibilities.<!--more-->

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The supervisory skills enhancing training regimen was held under the aegis of the Pacific Association of Supreme Audit Institutions (PASAI) – official association of supreme audit institutions in the Pacific region – in Nadi, Fiji last week. The course is one part of a four-part training programme intended to help provide a career path for government auditors in the Pacific region. The four training courses or tiers, as they are labeled, are aimed at providing auditors at all levels with skill-based training in line with their responsibilities at work.

PASAI Executive Director Eroni Vatuloka said, “In particular the Tier 3 course focused on the role of the supervisor in the conduct of financial and performance audits of various government operations. This Tier 3 course is expected to equip government audit supervisors of the future to fill an essential role in the government auditing process.”

The association promotes transparent, accountable, effective, and efficient use of public sector resources in the Pacific. It contributes to that goal by helping its member SAIs improve the quality of public sector auditing in the Pacific to uniformly high standards. PASAI receives support from the Asian Development Bank, the governments of Australia and New Zealand, the International Association of Supreme Audit Institutions Development Initiative, and the World Bank.

PASAI career path training helps develop a strong talent pool of government auditors in the Pacific region, able to lift government auditing to higher standards.