Island crops going places


If Pacific Island cuisine is making global headlines, can the ingredients be far away? At a time when soaring food costs are causing unrest in some parts of the world, with prices tipped to rise even further driven by high oil prices, any impetus to locally grown food is welcome news.<!--more-->This weekend, the first sea-borne consignment of the much-desired Fiji papaya arrives in Auckland. Hitherto airfreighted, the fruit is popular in both supermarkets and fruit shops around New Zealand. Because of greater volumes and cheaper freight, the fruit will likely retail more affordably.

On another front, taro from Fiji has been classified as the best available in the New Zealand markets. Fiji’s Agro Marketing Authority revealed this last week. New Zealand imports taro from Fiji, Tonga and Samoa.

The authority is working with farmers and exporters to set a price that will work well for both parties and be competitive in the New Zealand market. Fijian taro is exported to New Zealand, Australia and the United States of America.

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