Israel to help build huge hydro project in PNG


Governor Anderson Agiru of Papua New Guinea’s Southern Highlands province has announced he will lead a delegation of the people of Hela to Jerusalem on Christmas eve to sign a deal that will help build a major hydro electric power generation project at the impressive Hewaii Falls.<!--more-->

The Hewaii Falls hydro facility, a US$ 137 million project on the Tagali River, will be built in partnership with Israel. It will be constructed over a period of six years and would provide power much like the similar Yonki hydro plant in the Eastern Highlands province.

According to Governor Agiru, the landowners would also have “equity” in the project in a manner similar to the landowners involved in industries multimillion dollar PNG LNG project as well as other projects around the nation.

Hewaii Falls hydro project is expected to bring in benefits and developments to the landowners over a long period of time, as it is being built on a perrenial source of fiercely flowing water supply.

Engineers, investors, PNG’s Mineral Resources Authority and officials from Israel have visited the proposed sites and a pre-feasibility study work on the hydro project is expected to start this month including identification of possible construction site.


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