Kava Quality Manual Developed for Vanuatu


A manual on Kava quality for Vanuatu has been recently been developed, according to the Pacific Horticulture and Agriculture Market Access Program (PHAMA) newsletter.<!--more-->

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Vanuatu has a well-developed kava industry, with exports going to Fiji, New Caledonia, US, Kiribati and China, says the newsletter. The export of low quality kava, resulting from inappropriate and unhygienic production and processing methods, has been an ongoing problem that potentially undermines the industry.

Government officials and industry representatives identified the need to develop guidelines covering improved production, processing and handling techniques. PHAMA responded to this and developed a practical, illustrated field guide for producers, processors, exporters and regulators.

The guide is designed to help everyone involved in the industry understand the quality issues concerned, and to take ownership of the improvements required to ensure Vanuatu kava better meets international market requirements.

The guide will be officially launched early next year, with support for training and extension activities to follow. It aims to help boost exports for the country’s kava sector.