Kifaga Niue Film Festival a hit


The second Kifaga Niue Film Festival ended recently with a huge response from amateur film makers worldwide. The festival this year attracted 37 local short film entries and 386 in the overseas category from some 66 countries including Algeria, Finland, Egypt and Brazil.

[caption id="attachment_7721" align="alignleft" width="300"]<a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-7721" src="" alt="A still from one of the films (Photo Courtesy: Kifaga Niue Film Festival facebook Page)." width="300" height="209" /></a> A still from one of the films (Photo Courtesy: Kifaga Niue Film Festival facebook Page).[/caption]

The film festival began in 2015 essentially aimed at Niue celebrating its cultural identity, Niueans’ lives and culture. The addition of the ‘Overseas’ category meant they could include other interested amateur film makers worldwide.

The Niue entries came from local film makers who attended a film workshop run last year in July organised by Niue Film Commissioner Frank Sioneholo, film maker Shane Tohovaka and run by playwright and film maker Vela Manusuate. All the attendees were trained in film making and editing techniques and produced their own films.

The entry deadline was extended to early January from late last year. It was the first time they had charged a USD$5 entry fee. In the ‘Overseas’ category Mr Sioneholo said they could view other cultures and their lifestyles. They would look at reviewing the criteria to find overseas films that met the new criteria in future. “We are also learning what works and what doesn’t,” he said.

The highest number of overseas short film entries were from Iran (49), India (42) United States (30) and Brazil and Spain with 21 each. One 2015 short film entry from India based on a true story titled “Do Good” captured the festival organiser’s eye and was posted on the Kifaga Niue Films Festival facebook page. Mr Sioneholo hoped they could take it to the next level in future from short films to making longer films.

The Niue prize winners were announced at an awards night in January but due to the large number of entries the ‘Overseas’ category is still being judged with the results to be announced at the end of February. The films were judged by the Director of Taoga Niue, Moira Enetama and Mr Sioneholo.

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The winning Niue films were premiered in Niue. Mr Sioneholo said they could look at bringing Kifaga Niue Film Festival to New Zealand but that was yet to be decided.

According to the Kifaga Niue Film Festival web page, “This is the beginning of our journey to explore and develop the film making experience of our film makers taking advantage of the advancement of technology. This is for showcasing films made by Niueans in Niue and Niuean communities around the World. This film festival will be in our own way, style and spirit of celebration. We also hope to get our storytellers to tell our stories to the world.”

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