Kiwis get faster, seamless roaming in Pacific Islands


From September 18, Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa, Tonga, Papua New Guinea and Nauru have been included in Vodafone’s Daily Roaming service, boosting the eligible destinations to 23 countries.<!--more-->

For only $5 a day, Daily Roaming allows customers to use the TXTs, calls and data from their local plan overseas – so they can roam as if they were at home.

Vodafone Consumer Director Matt Williams says, “We Kiwis pride ourselves on being the world’s best travellers, and what’s more we love to be able to share our experiences and stay in touch with what’s going on back at home. Whether it’s taking selfies from the pool lounger, checking emails over a cocktail or calling home to check on the cat – Kiwis heading to these South Pacific destinations can do it all.”

Vodafone was the first New Zealand network to offer 4G roaming and now has expanded its 4G roaming footprint to 16 countries. Eleven of the Daily Roaming destinations now have 4G available, which means Vodafone customers can get a consistently fast experience on their 4G capable devices, wherever 4G is available.

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