Marianas casinos want to expand online


The casino business in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas is seeking investors to include an online platform to its casinos.<!--more-->The islands group in the western Pacific is expecting a dip in tourists after the Japan’s trifecta of earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear disaster. Japanese tourists form the bedrock of the Northern Marianas tourism industry.

The online platform will allow people the facility to gamble across the territory’s casinos in Saipan, Rota and Tinian, without having to visit each of these casinos physically.

Currently the casino business is outside the pale of regulation but the House Committee on Ways and Means is in the process of crafting legislation to “legalise” the business. The casino operators want online casinos to be a separate piece of legislation.

Interest appears to be high from casino investors in Asia, with Chinese and Korean companies already having expressed their willingness to invest.


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