More tourists discover Kiribati


One of the South Pacific’s remotest locations, the atoll nation of Kiribati, more in the limelight for being threatened by sea level rise than as a tourist destination, is welcoming more tourists.<!--more-->The country’s tourism office reports that an assessment at the end of the first quarter of this year showed Kiribati received 1432 total inbound visitors to both Tarawa and Kiritimati (Christmas Island) – a significant increase of inbound visitors by as much as 36% compared with same period last year 2010.

The US at 26%, Pacific countries at 21%, Australia 14%, New Zealand 8% and Japan 6% contributed 75% of the share of total visitor arrivals.

While visitors for business and holidays totalled roughly similar numbers, scientists and curious tourists, whose interest has been whetted by the atoll nation’s climate change challenges is thought to have contributed in part to the surge in inbound tourist numbers.


<address>Photo / Kiribati National Tourism Organisation