Nauru’s street lighting goes solar


The Micronesian island nation of Nauru has hooked almost the entire complement of street lighting around its main urban area on to solar power.<!--more-->

Thanks to an assistance programme funded and technically managed by the government of the republic of China (Taiwan), which has a diplomatic mission on the island, some 155 new solar lights now light up Nauru’s streets.

Nauru, however, is not new to solar lighting. A previous programme successfully installed household solar lighting units toward the end of last year, which are reported to be working efficiently.

Nauru is one of the Pacific Forum countries that recognises Taiwan along with Kiribati, Tuvalu, the Solomon Islands and Palau. Taiwan runs missions in these countries assisting in developmental sectors supplemented by a volunteering programme in a range of projects.

In the small island states it has set up mini plants involving desalination technology and renewable energy as well as food production, agriculture and fisheries.

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