Nauru makes strides in sustainable initiatives


The tiny Micronesian island nation of Nauru will access $4 million from the Pacific Environment Community (PEC) Fund to fund two sustainable initiatives, it was announced this week.<!--more-->

The projects are a solar power generation system and a seawater desalination plant to help alleviate water woes for its population of about 10,000 residents. Almost all of Nauru’s power needs are met by fossil fuels and while the new solar plant will only marginally help reduce this dependency, it is expected to save the island almost 60 tonnes of diesel a year.

The desalination plant will help distribute desalinated drinking water to the residents once every three weeks instead of the present once every four weeks cycle. The solar generator will also power the desalination plant.

The PEC Fund is a US$ 66 million commitment by the Japanese government to support Pacific Islands Forum country projects with a focus on the provision of solar power generation systems and seawater desalination plants, or a combination of both, as in the present case. So far, Samoa, Tuvalu, Cook Islands and Nauru have accessed the fund.

Nauru plans to generate at least 50 per cent of its energy from renewable sources by 2015. Tonga and the Cook Islands also have similar energy roadmaps to make the transition to renewable energy generation from existent expensive and environmentally unfriendly fossil fuel sources.


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