New Advisory Board for PT&I in Auckland


This first 2016 edition of <em>Pacific Periscope</em> is a great opportunity to introduce our subscribers and stakeholders to the newly appointed New Zealand Advisory Board for Pacific Islands Trade &amp; Inve<img class="size-full wp-image-13681 alignleft" src="http://localhost/pacifictrade/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/mike-head-e1458089637650.jpg" alt="Michael Greenslade" width="250" height="281" />st (PT&amp;I) in Auckland.

The profiles of each of the Board members featured in this edition will give you all a brief background of their activity and their vision going forward.

I would like, however, to take the opportunity to explain some of the background for this exciting initiative.

Over the years we have discussed the Organisational Structure of PT&amp;I with our Stakeholders and have decided that we would benefit from the establishment of an Advisory Board. Trade and Economic Development Organisations such as NZTE have a private sector board and Pacific Cooperation Foundation has a Board of Trustees, both of which add considerable value to their organisations. We feel the establishment of an Advisory Board is a natural step in the maturing of our organisation.

An advisory board is a body that provides non-binding strategic advice to the management of the organisation. It is informal in nature, which both gives the board flexibility and range in terms of advice given but also that informality removes the financial and legal responsibilities of a formal board.

The function of the Advisory Board is to offer advice on anything that management may need assistance on from marketing, managing people, to influencing directions of stakeholders and regulators.

Typically the Board is made up by accomplished experts offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives whilst having a general understanding of the core business. We are delighted to have the calibre of people listed below on our Board.

There are however some limitations on an Advisory board, for example it does not have the authority to vote on corporate matters or bear fiduciary responsibilities.

Over the first year the prime goal will be for Advisory Board Members to develop an understanding of the business, market and sector trends.

Ultimately the Advisory Board will provide wise counsel, innovation, and insights from a third party point of view (as distinct from an operational basis).

This is the basis of a New Zealand based Governance Framework that we hope will support the sustainability of the business whilst acting as a resource for the Trade Commissioner and senior management.

On behalf of the Pacific Islands Forum I welcome the Board and say that I look forward to working with John as Chairman and the other members of the board, all of which I know will add significant value to PT&amp;I in New Zealand

Mike Greenslade
Trade Commissioner


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