New Fiji trade, investment mission in offing


<em>Following elections in Fiji last year, the new Government is actively encouraging international investors to help build the country’s infrastructure, commercial, manufacturing, industrial and property sectors, among others. Responding to the buoyant mood in Fiji, the Auckland based New Zealand Fiji Business Council is inviting expressions of interest from up to a dozen New Zealand businesses to join a trade and investment mission to Fiji.</em>

<em>In an exclusive interview with <b>Pacific Periscope</b>, H E Mere Tora, Acting High Commissioner of Fiji in New Zealand, explains why this is an opportune moment for New Zealand businesses to step up business links with Fiji. The Fiji High Commission in NZ is fully supportive of the forthcoming trade mission, partnering with the business council.<!--more--></em>

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<b><i>Why is this a go</i></b><b><i>od time for the trade mission?</i></b>

The new, resurgent Fiji is committed to growing a vibrant, dynamic and internationally competitive economy that serves as the business hub of the Pacific. Foreign capital and foreign expertise are instrumental in making this happen. It is imperative therefore to promote and strengthen engagement with overseas business partners including existing and potential investors. The close proximity of New Zealand to Fiji and the long standing associations between the two countries at various sectors and levels provide a strong platform for fostering, nurturing and strengthening business engagements between our two countries. One of the key roles of the Fiji High Commission in Wellington is to ensure that business collaborations are forged and enhanced. To meet this goal, the High Commission is working in partnership with the Fiji-New Zealand Business Council, the Fiji Honorary Consul and the Pacific Island Trade and Invest.

<b><i>What does the mission aims to achieve? What are the broad activities that will take place?</i></b>

It aims to raise awareness on business opportunities in Fiji thereby creating interests that can be harnessed into substantive business outcomes. The mission is working closely with the Fijian Government and the Private Sector in Fiji in putting together a programme that provides participants the opportunity to have first-hand insight of the business context and of doing business in Fiji; explore specific business interests; and meet with strategic contacts. The Bainimarama Government is pro-business and   continues to provide an environment conducive for growth.  I encourage those who are ‘waiting in the wings’ to join the Business Mission and see for yourselves!

<b><i>What has been your experience of past missions with PT&amp;I?</i></b>

Previous missions have been very good collaborative efforts combining <b>PT&amp;I</b> and Fiji High Commission capacity and resources. We achieved the main objective of the missions in raising the awareness of NZ investors on business opportunities in Fiji. It was a good strategy particularly at a time when there were a lot of reservations and apprehension on doing business in Fiji because of the general negative publicity on the political situation.

For more on the mission and to register, please contact New Zealand Fiji Business Council

Chander Sen: Email <a href=""></a> Mob: +64 21 467736; Michael Burgess: Email <a href=""></a> Mob: +64 27 4410727

Maraia Vakasilimiratu, Fiji High Commission: Email <a href=""></a> Mob: +64 21 322353; Harish Lodhia, JP Email: <a href=""></a> Mob: +64 21 626282

To download a pdf about EOI for the mission visit <a href=""></a><b> </b>


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