New PT&I Trade & Investment Portal now online


Pacific Islands Trade &amp; Invest (PT&amp;I) has launched a new online trade and investment portal for the Pacific Islands region together with a brand new website with modern design and functionality.<!--more-->

<img class="size-medium wp-image-13887 alignleft" src="" alt="Screen1" width="300" height="185" />Caleb Jarvis, Trade Commissioner PT&amp;I (Sydney) said, “In response to recommendations made at the recent Forum Trade Minister's Meeting we have updated our website and created an online Trade Portal. We are very excited to launch this initiative and feel it is a great platform for sharing information about Pacific Island exports and investment opportunities.”

A ‘Web Portal’ is a specially designed website that brings diverse information together from multiple sources. The PT&amp;I portal can be thought of as a two way door – allowing us to provide you with information, and at the same time allowing us to receive intelligence and feedback from our visitors. The web address for the portal is <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Describing the design of the online resource Mr Jarvis said, “The website was designed from the ground up with the primary focus being user experience. We split our audience into two main sections, firstly there is the Pacific Islands community, which is looking to export products and services or to attract investment. Secondly there is the international community of importers or exporters.  We wanted to advertise our services to the first group, and advertise the amazing potential of the Pacific islands to the second group.”

[caption id="attachment_13816" align="alignright" width="300"]<a href="" target="_blank"><img class="size-medium wp-image-13816" src="" alt="The main page of the portal." width="300" height="191" /></a> The main page of the portal.[/caption]

Pacific Island businesses looking for investors can now apply to be listed on the unique ‘Investment Opportunity Directory’ directly through the portal. International investors can also use the portal’s sophisticated search and sorting functionality to view the opportunities relevant to them.

The Portal contains many useful links to Trade and Investment resources. “Already we have made available a plethora of information and we will be continuing to develop and extend the functionality of our Trade Portal throughout 2016, says Chris Brimble, PT&amp;I’s Knowledge &amp; Information Manager. “Our Investment Database is a great place to find investment opportunities, or to seek foreign investment for your own project.”

Complementing the Portal is a completely re-designed PT&amp;I website ( The large majority of Pacific Islanders these days are interacting online through handheld devices such as smart phones and tablets. By harnessing new web programming languages and techniques the PT&amp;I website is now optimised for the mobile user experience.

Some of the new features include:
<li>The menu has been designed to minimise the number of clicks required to get visitors where they need to be.</li>
<li>The site has a heavier focus on PT&amp;I’s services, in an effort to better inform visitors of the ways in which we can assist their business.</li>
<li>Several elements in the new site are there to help the visitor keep up-to-date with the latest information such as the <em>Pacific Periscope</em> newsletter, upcoming events, success stories, social media integration and readily available access to the site’s resources and directories. Although most of these features were present on our old website, they've become far more accessible in the redesign.</li>
<li>The new website gives users the option to apply for services via an online form, making it a fast and efficient process.</li>
“Whether you're a Pacific Islander, an International Client or an Investor, you'll immediately know where to go for the information relevant to you and your intentions thanks to directory links at the top of every page,” Trade Commissioner Jarvis says. “Pacific Island visitors to the website will see a listing of our services that is tailored to them, and with a single click they can apply online for one of the services. They can also apply to have their project listed in our investment directory. Buyers and investors, on the other hand, will see a slightly different list of services, more suited to their needs. In this way we aim to facilitate more trade and investment for the Pacific Islands than ever before.”

Explaining the state-of-art technology platforms employed to power the site Mr Brimble says, “Another great thing about the upgrade of the website is that we are now running on HTML5, the latest internet language, and this allows our site to dynamically resize and reshape its contents and menu systems so that anyone accessing the site will quickly find what they need whilst using any device, from mobile phones and tablets to desktop computers.

“This is especially important to our clients in the Pacific Islands where a great percentage of people access the internet from their phones.”

Access the new portal at is <a href=""></a> and the website at <a href=""></a>

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