New Zealand Tonga Business Council launched


A business council that will promote business and investment between New Zealand and Tonga was formally launched in Auckland last week. Prominent members of New Zealand’s Tongan and Pacific communities as well as leading businesspeople attended the cocktail function that marked the launch.<!--more-->

Chairperson Rachel Afeaki briefly outlined the story of the making of the business council. She hoped the council would play an important role to promote trade and investment between the two countries that have long historic ties.

Like all other Pacific Island countries, bilateral trade between the two countries is skewed, with Tonga exporting to New Zealand barely a tenth of the volume it imports from that country.

Tonga has investment opportunities in several sectors including tourism, agriculture, livestock rearing and light manufacturing industries. Pacific Islands Trade &amp; Invest will work closely with the freshly minted business council toward achieving the common goals of trade and investment promotion.

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