New intern at PT&I Auckland


Papua New Guinean Ken Pep has joined the <b>Pacific Islands Trade &amp; Invest (PT&amp;I)</b> team in Auckland on a six-week stint.<!--more-->

[caption id="attachment_6267" align="alignright" width="310"]<a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-6267" alt="New intern Ken Pep comes from PNG" src="" width="310" height="254" /></a> New intern Ken Pep comes from PNG[/caption]

Hailing from Mount Hagen in the Western Highlands, Ken has a bachelor’s degree in business studies from the Divine Word University, Madang.

He works as a Senior Marketing Officer – Trade, with PNG’s Investment Promotion Authority. Previously he has worked as a Senior Programme Officer at the Office of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

Asked what he thinks about his forthcoming stint working with <b>PT&amp;I</b> in Auckland Ken says, “This is an awesome experience for me working outside of PNG, especially in a developed nation. What I really do here in PNG is working with all the growers of all the commodities and try to market their products but working with <b>PT&amp;I</b> is totally a different environment and setting where I will be meeting and talking to actual and potential buyers of various export commodities. It’s just like connecting the two worlds where I as a grower get to see the buyer!”

Working with <b>PT&amp;I</b>, Ken hopes to develop market insights for PNG made or grown products to enter into New Zealand “With their experience in research and networking with major importers of Pacific Commodities,” he says.

“I would real want to get the basics right on how to have PNG’s products packed and shipped and meet all standards and requirements.” he adds.

The PT&amp;I Auckland team is delighted to welcome Ken and we wish him a productive and enjoyable stay in Auckland and New Zealand.