New technology improves Cook Islands telecom services


With offices on 11 of 15 remote islands spread over 2.2 million square kilometres of ocean, Telecom Cook Islands’ IT team required a solution that would allow them to access distant workstations to provide IT support, maintenance and upgrading. <!--more-->The company is Cook Islands’ largest provider of fixed phone, mobile and broadband services.

It has now successfully deployed a new technology, VNC with an Enterprise license, to provide remote IT support and home working, which is already resulting in a significant reduction in IT downtime, greater staff productivity and increased levels of service to Telecom Cook Island customers.

Based at the company’s headquarters on capital Rarotonga, the technology provides cross-platform support and robust security for the range of different platforms and operating systems used throughout the organisation, as well as for people working from home.

With VNC deployed IT staff can now resolve internal helpdesk issues immediately without leaving their desks whilst network engineers can remotely access the central telecommunications equipment, responsible for the connecting all phone calls to and from the Cook Islands, to perform maintenance.

“The time savings generated by VNC are increasing staff productivity and morale, enabling them to provide a greater service to our customers,” said Adam Tuatai, Systems Administrator at Telecom Cook Islands.

Designed and built by the original inventors, VNC allows one computer to take control of another computer from anywhere in the world, with cross-platform support for the widest range of operating systems, including Windows, Mac and UNIX.