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<b>Samoa AgriBusiness Support Project</b>

The Samoa AgriBusiness Support Project is looking to recruit a Facility Manager/Agribusiness Expert (20 person-months, full time; International).<!--more-->

The Samoa AgriBusiness Support Project will address key financial and capacity limitations in selected agribusinesses that have sound prospects for commercial success with the support of the project. The specific objective is to facilitate agribusiness development through suitable financing instruments and associated business support services.

The financing instruments will operate through partner commercial banks in Samoa to address the constraint of inadequate collateral and weak balance sheet structures among agribusinesses and facilitate bank lending to agribusinesses proposing sound and otherwise bankable business plans.

Business support services will also be provided by the project to partner companies to help build their capacity in a broad range of areas which are critical to business success, establishment/improvement of supply chain linkages and adherence to environmental and social safeguards.

The project facility manager/agribusiness expert will support the Government of Samoa, in particular the executing agency (Ministry of Finance) in project implementation and be responsible for the implementation and management in particular of the business services component of the project, with the support from one administration assistant.

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