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The hum about turning Niue Island into a bee sanctuary is starting to grow.<!--more-->

[caption id="attachment_7132" align="alignleft" width="138"]<a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-7132" src="" alt="Niue's relative isolation offers a natural quarantined environment for bees." width="138" height="104" /></a> Niue's relative isolation offers a natural quarantined environment for bees.[/caption]

Kiwi entrepreneur Richard Duncan and Beekeeper Andy Cory launched the Save the Bee: Creating the Global Bee Sanctuary on the crowd funding site two weeks ago to fundraise thousands in 40 days, which Pacific Periscope reported in its previous edition.

So far they’ve raised US$2,870 from 35 people in 20 days. But with 20 days to go they’re hoping pledges will go higher thanks to a recent visit back to Niue by Mr Cory, a television camera crew from New Zealand’s <em>TV 3</em> and a reporter from the <em>New Zealand Herald</em>.

Pacific Islands Trade and Invest has been involved in supporting the campaign since it began.

Funding towards the Save the Bee: Creating the Global Bee Sanctuary on Niue Island will be managed in two phases with initial funding towards biosecurity training, buying the Retail ‘Save the Bee’ honey bottles, sales from which will underwrite the costs of creating the bee sanctuary; creating new hives to a sustainable maximum of 4,000 hives. Funds will also go toward the honey factory upgrade, a new truck and R&amp;D into the Niue honey bioactive properties.

Crowd funding was chosen to ‘fast track the transition of the current commercial wholesale venture into a self-funding retail based social venture’ and by doing so creating future revenue to creating a self-sustaining Global Bee Sanctuary.

In light of the increasing mortality of bee populations world wide – the USA recently reported 42% mortality rates amongst its bees - Mr Cory decided “the time had come to convert the Niue operation into a formal and internationally recognized Global Bee Sanctuary.”

Niue’s honey bees are considered some of the gentlest bee stocks in the world having been introduced to the island in the 1960s. With Niue Island’s relative isolation, limited port access and a “natural and near quarantine” environment, the gentle Italian bees thrived without diseases currently affecting bee stocks in other countries or incidences of colony collapse disorder or CCD.

There are now 20 days to go for people to support any one of the 12 levels of pledges offered in the campaign – ranging from US$10 - a Bee Sanctuary Supporter to US$30 for a Bee Tee up to USD$30,000 to sponsor the upgrade of the Honey Factory in Niue Island.

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Or please contact: Pacific Islands Trade &amp; Invest Trade Development Manager – Teremoana Mato on 09 529 5165 or email or contact Richard Duncan at <a href=""></a>

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