Niue Wins Best Booth at BFTE


Niue Tourism won the ‘Best Booth’ award at the Bula Fiji Tourism Exchange (BFTE) in Nadi, Fiji last month.<!--more-->

The booth replicated one of the island’s most popular locations – Limu Pools. The walls and floor of the booth were plastered with a panoramic photographic image of Limu.

Niue Tourism’s team in Fiji scoured the streets of Nadi for rocks, fernery and a picnic table, even hand weaving a traditional Niuean mat.

The team’s efforts were rewarded on the final day with the announcement of the ‘Best Booth’ award. The prize included a free booth space at next year’s BFTE.

Niue Tourism Development Manager Hayden Porter says that they intend to use the free booth as additional space at the event to help create double the impact.

Team members commented that there was a “real buzz” around the Niue booth, both in terms of its design and about the destination. That helped the team make more formal appointments than at events in previous years.


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