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When consumers buy Niugini Organics, they are also indirectly helping small rural producers in East New Britain, Papua New Guinea.<!--more-->

[caption id="attachment_7426" align="alignleft" width="253"]<a href=""><img class="wp-image-7426 size-full" src="" alt="rsz_1tradeshow1" width="253" height="450" /></a> The Niugini Organics stand at the collective Pacific Islands booth at Fine Food Australia in Sydney last month. PT&amp;I has been showcasing Pacific exporters at the show for five straight years.[/caption]

This year, Niugini Organics was invited to be one of 11 exhibitors at the Pacific Islands stand at Fine Foods Australia 2015 in Sydney. The stand was organised by Pacific Islands Trade &amp; Invest Australia.

A big part of the philosophy that drives Niugini Organics is introducing organic PNG products to Australia and the world through shows like Fine Foods Australia 2015 (FFA 2015) and entering the 2015 Organic Awards competition.

Results from FFA 2015 were “extremely successful,” says Pauline Cleaver of Niugini Organics. “We had a lot of interest from distributors and manufacturers from both Australia and overseas. I am now following up the leads and expect to generate some very pleasing outcomes,” she says.

The biggest learnings from FFA 2015 were to think globally and locally – “there are plenty of opportunities for growth,” she says.

Not only would she consider going back to FFA again, Ms Cleaver says she would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve sales of premium quality food products.

Entering Australia’s 2015 Organic Consumer Choice Awards presented by the Centre for Organic Research and Education for National Organic Week, NOW, Australia has had a two pronged effect marketing effect, including widespread exposure for the product and raising consumer awareness about the points of difference between Niugini Organics and other coconut oils on the market. For the farmers and employees at the PNG factory it has brought recognition and reinforces that they can be proud of their achievements.

Some of the positives of doing business in PNG is the availability and abundance of high quality raw materials (the coconuts) and the ability to develop a business that works in with the local communities for better outcomes including raising the standard of living in a sustainable way.  Although the usual challenges of doing business in the Pacific remain, including natural disasters such as fire, flooding, volcanic eruptions, power outages, high shipping costs and access to skilled trades and tertiary employees, she observed roads have been improved and she is practical in her approach acknowledging that it’s a matter of working around constraints and making the most of the business’s strengths.

Dennis and Debra Hill have been manufacturing coconut oil and soap for over 20 years.  Dennis, an Agricultural Scientist, has lived and worked in PNG since graduating in 1980. The combination of Dennis’s ability to manage the business and factory whilst  Debra manages the staff, have allowed them to evolve the products from supplying the local domestic market to exporting a premium quality, organically certified range of oils and soaps.

Simon Hodge came on board in 2005 to manage the importation and distribution to Australia and New Zealand. Pauline Cleaver, (Dennis’s Sister) took over this role at the beginning of the year and has commenced exporting to the UK, Kazakhstan and Russia.  There are seven villages involved from Keravat area of East New Britain. A recent upgrade of the factory equipment and these new markets will see more villages having the opportunity to get involved.

Niugini Organic’s philosophy matches global trends toward healthy and organically produced food with minimal processing, no food colours and preservatives and traceability back to the source allowing them to promote the grass roots involvement of PNG farmers and processors as the “direct stakeholders” in the brand.


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