PT&I, SPTO hone tourism operators’ online skills


PT&amp;I and South Pacific Tourism Organisation, in association with the Cook Islands Tourism Commission has organised a new programme designed to help tourism operators in the Cook Islands improve their online marketing and distribution initiatives.<!--more-->

The project aims to get as many accommodation providers as possible in the Cook Islands set up with a professional e-commerce enabled website able to process bookings instantly, combined with channel management tools to enable third party distribution when you need it via sites such as Wotif,, Expedia and others.

In a later phase there are plans to supply all participating accommodation providers with interconnected Facebook sites with a booking widget embedded, plus providing help to build presence on popular travel website TripAdvisor. PT&amp;I and SPTO will cover costs of shooting pictures, set-up for the new web sites with booking engine, social media and channel management.

The programme was launched on April 16 with a workshop in Rarotonga led by Australian based consultants, Hotel Link Solutions, to provide training to local tourism operators in online selling. Following the workshop, appointments were made with those accommodation providers interested in participating to visit their properties to assess the market readiness of their property, conduct a photo shoot and collect digital content for the creation of either a new web site (or booking widget that can be inserted into existing websites).

All participants will receive a DVD with the photos collected, which can be used for other online and offline promotions. A second workshop and round of appointments will take in Aitutaki on Monday April 30 and a third is currently being scheduled for the island of Atiu. For more information email Hilary Taylor Nichols, Tourism Promotion Manager at Pacific Islands Trade &amp; Invest – or call +61 2 9290 2133