PT&I’s Return to Roots mission to Niue bears fruit


New Zealand based Pasifika Integrated Health Care (PIHC) this week received approval for the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Government of Niue’s Department of Health for adding value and building capacity to Niue’s health system.<!--more-->

The MOU serves to formalise a partnership between the Health Department of Niue and PIHC to work together to meet the Niue Health Department’s workforce needs. PIHC proposes to assist in the coordination of Niue Health Staff to access training and education in the New Zealand context.

This is an outcome of Pacific Trade &amp; Invest’s ‘Return to Roots’ programme in 2009, which encourages Pacific island entrepreneurs living in New Zealand to invest back in their countries of origin to help create jobs and wealth locally.

During the mission to Niue, Ms Naepi, a New Zealand based entrepreneur and businesswoman of Niuean origin, made a commitment to Niue’s health and economy by pledging to help train Niue health workers on an on-going basis at her medical centres.

[caption id="attachment_3333" align="alignright" width="138" caption="Members of PT&amp;I&#39;s Return to Roots Mission to Niue in 2009"]<a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-3333" title="Niue RTR 7-14 Nov 09 (101)" src="" alt="" width="138" height="104" /></a>[/caption]

PT&amp;I, New Zealand’s Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs in association with the Niue Chamber of Commerce and the Niue government jointly organised the 2009 mission. Besides Niue, PT&amp;I has organised Return to Roots missions to the Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga.

The main objectives of the mission were to establish opportunities adding value to existing businesses and productively utilising capacity in Niue’s fishing, tourism, health, and agriculture

Ms Naepi has offered to help pay the workers’ wages during the training in New Zealand on short term training exercises and support their learning auditing practices to bring the Niue health workers up to date with New Zealand practices

Ms Naepi will shortly fly to Niue to meet the Minister of Health Sector and the Premier Toke Talagi to officially sign the MOU.