PT&I’s Third Maketi Ples gets under way next week


<i>Maketi Ples – </i>the contemporary Pacific islands art exhibition and ‘market place’ – will be back at the Global Gallery in Paddington, Sydney next week. <!--more-->

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An initiative of Pacific Trade &amp; Invest, the show will run for three weeks from next Wednesday, February 20. This is the third year that the show is being held.

With pieces from seven Pacific Island nations, this year’s collection features some of the most exciting contemporary visual art, textiles and 3-D artisan works from around the Pacific Islands region. The diverse mix of art works at Maketi Ples 2013 will include:
<li> Visual art – drawing, painting, photography, printmaking</li>
<li>Ceramics – traditional practices and contemporary pieces</li>
<li>Textiles – traditional textiles and hand printed modern fabric</li>
<li>Basketry and Weaving – rural artisan communities</li>
<li>Wood work, carving, and jewellery – highly crafted artisan pieces based on traditional knowledge</li>
This year’s event focuses on the Papua New Guniean art of weaving Bilum – a bag made from dried fibre extracted from tree bark, animal fur, sisal or vine – which has been passed down for centuries from one generation of women to the next. Traditionally, Bilum bags were used to carry babies, food or tools, and to this day, traditional weaving techniques are still used to make Bilum bags.

Maketi Ples 2013 will showcase the work of two groups of Bilum artisans – Goroka Bilum Weavers Co-operative, a collective of female weavers from Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province and Ömie Artists, a cooperative of artists from the eastern mountains of Oro Province.

This year’s Maketi Ples will help a number of bilum weavers and artists to interact firsthand with people from Australia’s art circles, art gallery visitors and the Australian media to share the finer points of their art and craft.

Works from the Goroka Bilum Weavers Co-operative and Ömie Artists will be available from February 21 to Sunday March 10 at Maketi Ples, Global Gallery, 5, Comber Street, Paddington NSW, Australia.

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