PT&I Internships


The Pacific Islands Trade and Invest Network has developed an Internship Programme to help build the capacity of pacific islands trade officials on trade and export promotions in the international marketplace. <!--more-->

This year PT&amp;I Auckland has undertaken 2 internships, with Ken Pep, Senior Trade Marketing Officer with the Investment Promotion Authority of PNG in July and Hatty Kabua, Trade Facilitation Official from the Ministry of Resource and Development from the Republic of Marshall Islands.

It is an opportunity provided to the countries trade promotional officers from the Investment Promotional Authorities to foster relationships with key buyers, importers, wholesalers and distributors of Pacific island commodities in the NZ market.  It’s also an avenue for officials to develop and foster relationships directly with NZ Economic Development Agencies and Business Councils.

This internship programme reflects the on-going commitment by PT&amp;I to its Pacific member countries and also reflects the outcomes of a number of countries Trade Policy Frameworks.

<b>Some of the work involved:</b>
<li>The Trade Official (TO) will review the existing and potential market opportunities available on the NZ market for their countries potential export capable products</li>
<li>The TO will develop a good understanding of the pathways of Pacific exports into the New Zealand market including import regulations, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, import health standards</li>
<li>The TO will be able to develop relationships and networks of importers, distributors and buyers in the NZ marketplace</li>

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