PT&I NZ team visit PNG, Solomon Islands missions


As part of regular interaction with Pacific Island nations’ diplomatic missions in New Zealand, <b>Pacific Islands Trade &amp; Invest (PT&amp;I)</b> Auckland office team members visited the High Commissions of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands in Wellington last week.<!--more-->

Accompanying Trade &amp; Export Services Manager Mona Mato and Knowledge &amp; Research Manager Joe Fuavao was intern from PNG Ken Pep. As well as briefing the High Commissions on recent developments at PT&amp;I, the team also heard the respective countries’ plans to promote trade in New Zealand and discussed ways and means of working together. Ken spent a full day at the PNG mission to discuss his work with Acting High Commissioner Morea Veratau.

Updating Pacific Periscope on the highlights of his visit, Mr Pep said, “Further to recent trade agreements, the High commissions are now looking at other areas of labour mobility especially for seasonal workers.”

He also said, that PNG’s Department of Labour and Industry had recently selected a Liaison officer who would be based at the mission to look at the specific needs of such engagement. “This was followed after the PNG Defence Force had its liaison officer under similar arrangement with the High Commission some years back. There are also plans to have a representative from the Education Department and likewise in trade,” Mr Pep added.

At the Solomon Islands mission, High Commissioner Joyce Kere discussed the Government’s new trade policy framework and how <b>PT&amp;I</b> could work with the mission in helping implementing it in New Zealand. “We talked about further work on how best we could further develop creative industries in the Solomon Islands. The High Commissioner was pleased to hear of the work we did with the Solomon Islands Artists,” Mr Mato said.