Pacific Energy Summit gets under way


The Pacific Energy Summit (March 24-26 2013) in Auckland is bringing together Pacific Island leaders, international development agencies, multilateral banks, private sector investors and companies who are working to provide efficient, clean, affordable and sustainable energy solutions for the Pacific region.<!--more--><a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-4688 aligncenter" alt="logo" src="" width="370" height="160" /></a>

The New Zealand Government and the European Union are co-hosting the summit to provide an opportunity for Pacific Island leaders to present their energy plans for reducing the use of fossil fuels through public and private sector investments in renewable electricity generation and energy efficiency (supply and demand side). The Energy Investment Showcase will run in conjunction with the Pacific Energy Summit.

The Energy Investment Showcase will include display booths providing the opportunity for private sector organisations, together with Pacific Island countries and development agencies to showcase their products, services, expertise and solutions in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Recent successful projects in the region include a renewable project in Tokelau, replacing diesel electricity systems with solar power systems and battery storage on each of Tokelau’s three atolls, making it 100% solar powered.

Tonga’s first solar facility, the Maama Mai solar farm, opened in 2012, will help reduce Tonga’s reliance on expensive imported fossil fuels and reduce the cost of power for all energy consumers in Tonga.

This was a unique partnership between the New Zealand and Tongan governments, and state owned enterprises Tonga Power Limited and Meridian Energy. A sustainable development of new hydropower generation to supply the Port Moresby electricity grid in Papua New Guinea is currently underway.

The event will include information on Pacific countries’ priority projects in the renewable sector. The New Zealand Government is working with Pacific Island countries and territories and donors to ensure funding for these projects. There will also be an opportunity for the private sector to invest directly in these projects. Opportunities for equipment and technology suppliers, energy consulting and contracting companies, providers of financial products and services, and potential independent power producers (IPPs) will be highlighted.

<i>Pacific Energy Summit and Energy Investment Showcase
March 24-26, 2013
Viaduct Events Centre, Auckland</i>

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