Pacific Microfinance Week 2015 - Honiara 21-25 September


The 5<sup>th</sup> Pacific Microfinance Week (PMW) will be held this month in Honiara, Solomon Islands from 21 -25 September 2015.<!--more-->

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It is the region’s leading event on microfinance and finance convened by the Microfinance Pasifika Network (MPN) and organised by the Foundation for Development Cooperation.

The PMW 2015 conference provides a week-long series of events, meetings and gatherings of organisations and individuals with an interest in promoting the provision of inclusive and sustainable financial services in the Pacific.  Delegates can participate in the several plenary and panel sessions to learn about new initiatives, discuss and debate ‘best practice’, network and exchange knowledge and build partnerships.

Ms Judith Karl, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Development Fund (UNCDF) will deliver the opening address.  The fund is the UN’s capital investment agency for the world’s 48 Least Developed Countries known as LDCs

Ms Karl will also be launching the Solomon Islands Financial Services Demand Side Survey report with the Central Bank of Solomon Islands.

The UNCDF has the unique role of providing investment capital and technical support to both public and private sectors in developing countries around the world to progressively improve their economies.  The UNCDF along with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are jointly managing the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme, a Pacific wide programme helping low-income households gain access to quality and affordable financial services and financial education.  The programme is a joint development partnership between the Australian, New Zealand Governments and the European Union.

This year, PMW 2015 will focus on “Next mile financial services in the Pacific” and will include panels and workshops on topics such as Digital finance and delivery channels; Women’s empowerment through access to finance; Growing micro clients’ businesses; Products and services innovation; Value chain microfinance; Measuring financial inclusion in the Pacific and special session on financial inclusion in the Solomon Islands.

The MPN is an alliance of institutions from banks to microfinance units in seven or more countries committed to helping disadvantaged people in the Pacific, improve their livelihoods and quality of life.  Launched in June 2006 in Port Vila the MPN is a registered charitable trust in Vanuatu.

Pacific Trade &amp; Invest Investment and Tourism Manager Chad Morris will be attending the conference on behalf of the office.

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