Paula Bjelanovic has a true passion for the Pacific


Paula Bjelanovic has been working with Pacific Island Trade &amp; Invest, Sydney, for the past nine years. <!--more-->She is the Finance and Events Manager. Paula is originally from Santiago, Chile and has been living in Sydney, Australia for the past 30 years.

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Through the years Paula has gained much knowledge and experience working in PT&amp;I learning about the unique Pacific Island cultures and products.
Paula says her passion is managing events where she has had the opportunity to meet exporters, artists and artisans from different Pacific Island countries.

Paula says, “What I have always found amazing and interesting is the stories behind the objects that artists and artisans narrate about their work, how much work is involved and how long each piece takes to create.”

For the past 5 years Paula has worked managing the two signature events for our Sydney office: Fine Food Australia and Maketi Ples. They have been the most successful events for the Sydney office and have produced many valuable outcomes as well as provided Pacific Island exporters artists and artisans with knowledge and experience in international markets.

This year Maketi Ples was considered a huge success with much visitor interest in PNG’s bilum fashions produced by Florence Jauke’s Women’s Weaving Co-operative. The event was again a highlight for Australian art lovers who are more and more beginning to appreciate Pacific art.

Fine Food Australia 2015 held in Sydney again captured the taste buds of local and international foodies.
Paula has also worked collectively with our offices from China, NZ and Geneva, managing Pacific Path to Market in Fiji, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea.

Paula says, “There is so much satisfaction and gratification in assisting people from the Pacific Islands countries, when you know everything you are doing is to create better lives and opportunities for people with limited resources.”

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