RSE workers’ presence in NZ spurs tourism in Vanuatu


After five years of living and working in New Zealand, ni-Vanuatu seasonal workers have not only contributed to the ethnic and cultural diversity of small regional towns around New Zealand but also spurred interest in their home country among the locals.<!--more-->

Of the increased numbers of New Zealand tourists visiting Vanuatu in the past two or three years, a significant number are from the areas where the ni-Vanuatuans live and work, says Mckenzie Kalotiti, Vanuatu’s High Commissioner to New Zealand.

Vanuatu is emerging as the fastest growing destination for cruise ships in the Pacific Islands region and expects to receive the highest number of vessels ever this year. More than 50 per cent of Vanuatu’s visitors come from Australia followed by New Zealand, New Caledonia, the United States and the rest the Pacific.

Despite the high number of cruise ship visitors, in which instance guests tend to stay nights on board, the average hotel stay is an impressive 7.7 nights, which says much about its growing popularity as a holiday destination for stay as well. Some 71.5 per cent visitors come into the country as tourists.

Investment in the sector both from Australian and New Zealand entrepreneurs as well as from China more recently has registered impressive growth in the past few years and several small new resorts have sprung up while older ones have been refurbished.


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