Readers give a big thumbs up to Pacific Periscope


A big thank you from the Pacific Trade Invest NZ team for your feedback on the recent readership survey on the <em>Pacific Periscope</em> (PP) newsletter. We?re very pleased to report that readers have rated the experience of their subscription to PP very highly.<!--more--><img class="size-medium wp-image-1368 alignleft" src="" alt="" width="300" height="150" />Explaining the background for the survey, Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) NZ Trade Commissioner Michael Greenslade said, ?PTI Auckland made a strategic decision early this year to invest in a survey based software so we could better survey clients and over time better understand their requirements.

?In February, we undertook a major online survey with three components each focusing on different market segments and PTI?s service offerings. We surveyed readers of PP, as also our trade clients and investment clients.?

The PP readership survey was one of three surveys that were conducted simultaneously. A link to the online survey was emailed to the PP subscriber list inviting feedback in a two-week time window.?The surveys focused solely on services rendered by the New Zealand office of PTI.

?We have been delighted with the results and we?d like to share with you some highlights,? Mr Greenslade said.

An average of 86.71 per cent reader-respondents said they are ?satisfied? or ?very satisfied? with editorial content, writing quality, photography, design, and layout; while 85.44 per cent they are satisfied or very satisfied with the usefulness of PP to their business.

?We are very happy with the feedback on the frequency with which our readers view our fortnightly newsletter,? he added.

Nearly 80 per cent reader-respondents say they read ?most? or ?every issue?, while 91.78 per cent say they read more than two to three stories in every issue. Each edition of PP usually has an average of 6 stories.

Speaking of subscriptions, Mr Greenslade said, ?It?s also interesting to note that two-thirds of the readers have subscribed within the last three years. This shows that we have a growing current market and readership.?

PTI Marketing &amp; Communications Manager Dev Nadkarni said, ?It?s great to see that our subscription is continually growing with 64.7 per cent saying they?ve subscribed in the past three years. But what is equally heartening is that 35.2 per cent have been subscribers for more than three years. We?re pleased with that level of loyalty.?

When it comes to the profile of PP?s readership, 44 per cent are businesspeople, exporters or investors while 27 per cent are from the government, regional organisations or NGOs.

Equally importantly, 98.74 per cent say PP creates a better understanding of PTI?s role in economic development activities in the region as well as that of the Pacific economy.

PTI NZ Communications Team?s Eleanor Ikinofo said, ?I?m delighted with the positive survey results and the support from our readers. It?s great sharing client?s stories and the surveys show we?re on the right track with a little room for improvement!?


It is clear trade and investment opportunities are of interest to readers as are stories about PTI staff and about the companies we work with, Mr Greenslade said remarking on the feedback about the topics subscribers would like to read in PP.

?What?s good about the survey is that it becomes a benchmark for future surveys which we can look forward to benchmark back to this survey,? the Trade Commissioner said.

Here are the tabulated results of the entire survey, from which figures mentioned above have been extracted.
<td width="28"><strong>?</strong></td>
<td width="272"><strong>Question</strong></td>
<td width="266"><strong>Response</strong></td>
<td width="34"><strong>%</strong></td>
<td width="28">1</td>
<td width="272">Level of interest in PP fortnightly newsletter</td>
<td width="266">Interest or High Interest</td>
<td width="34">91.7</td>
<td width="28">2</td>
<td width="272">How important is PP newsletter to your business</td>
<td width="266">Important or Very Important</td>
<td width="34">59.49</td>
<td width="28">3</td>
<td width="272">How satisfied are you with design/ layout of PP</td>
<td width="266">Satisfied or Very Satisfied</td>
<td width="34">83.13</td>
<td width="28">4</td>
<td width="272">How satisfied are you with the quality of writing in PP</td>
<td width="266">Satisfied or Very Satisfied</td>
<td width="34">75</td>
<td width="28">5</td>
<td width="272">How satisfied are you with the photography in PP</td>
<td width="266">Satisfied or Very Satisfied</td>
<td width="34">84.96</td>
<td width="28">6</td>
<td width="272">How satisfied are you with the overall editorial content in PP</td>
<td width="266">Satisfied or Very Satisfied</td>
<td width="34">83.76</td>
<td width="28">7</td>
<td width="272">How satisfied are you with the frequency of PP</td>
<td width="266">Satisfied or Very Satisfied</td>
<td width="34">83.44</td>
<td width="28">8</td>
<td width="272">What would be the ideal frequency for PP for you</td>
<td width="266">Fortnightly/ Monthly</td>
<td width="34">74.36</td>
<td width="28">9</td>
<td width="272">How satisfied are you with the usefulness of the information in PP</td>
<td width="266">Satisfied or Very Satisfied</td>
<td width="34">85.44</td>
<td width="28">10</td>
<td width="272">How often do you read PP</td>
<td width="266">Read Every or Most Issues</td>
<td width="34">79.87</td>
<td width="28">11</td>
<td width="272">How many stories do you read in each PP edition</td>
<td width="266">Two-Three Stories
More than Two-Three Stories</td>
<td width="34">60.13
<td width="28">12</td>
<td width="272">How long have you been a subscriber to PP</td>
<td width="266">More than Three Years
Have subscribed in the last Three Years</td>
<td width="34">35.29
<td width="28">13</td>
<td width="272">How did you become a subscriber to PP</td>
<td width="266">Subscribed by PTI
Subscribed directly/ Thru Social Media</td>
<td width="34">36.94
<td width="28">14</td>
<td width="272">Please say what describes you best</td>
<td width="266">Pacific based Business Owner/Exporter
Govt/ Regional Organisation/ NGO</td>
<td width="34">44.01
<td width="28">15</td>
<td width="272">Does PP create a better understanding of the role of PTI</td>
<td width="266">Helps better understanding</td>
<td width="34">99.37</td>
<td width="28">16</td>
<td width="272">Does PP create a better understanding of the Pacific Economy</td>
<td width="266">Creates better understanding</td>
<td width="34">98.12</td>
<td width="28">17</td>
<td width="272">How satisfied are you with your ability to submit information/ articles to PP</td>
<td width="266">Would like to submit articles</td>
<td width="34">61</td>
<td width="28">18</td>
<td width="272">Could you rate categories of stories in order of importance to your business</td>
<td width="266">Trade Opportunities
Investment Opportunities
Success StoriesPTI News</td>
<td width="34">50
<td width="28">19</td>
<td width="272">In terms of overall rating out of 1-10 how would you rate PP</td>
<td width="266">Rating</td>
<td width="34">6.4</td>
For more information please email Dev Nadkarni, PTI Marketing &amp; Communications Manager on