Rotuma’s boost to inter-island trade


The remote outpost of Fiji, Rotuma Island, will soon export its first ever shipload of dalo to tiny Tuvalu, which has been at the mercy of rising tides that have made agriculture difficult because of excessive salinity in whatever little arable land exists on the atoll.<!--more-->Some seven tonnes of dalo grown by the co-operative effort of more than 175 Rotuman farmers under the aegis of the Rotuma Council and the Ministry of Agriculture, will be on its way to Tuvalu this month. The Council expects demand also from Kiribati, which also faces problems similar to Tuvalu.

Interestingly, the Council is looking at expanding its horticultural offering as well. It has plans to set up a processing unit to export oranges and watermelons that have a great reputation locally.

Any investors listening out there?