Samoa Air flies again with new aircraft


After a few months’ hiatus, Samoa Air, one of the country’s domestic airlines, which also flies to neighbouring American Samoa, is flying again. <!--more-->And it has added a new Cessna 337G to its fleet.

Chris Langton, the airline’s Chief Executive Officer told local media that the new aircraft was flown in from Australia recently. The Australian Government’s Defence Cooperation Programme in the Pacific has made the aircraft available to the airline.

The aircraft essentially helps “Pacific Class Patrol Boats to conduct surveillance within and between participating countries that has entered into a contract with an Australian company,” Mr Langton was quoted as saying in the Samoa Observer.

“The aircraft when not on surveillance missions can carry up to six people and has extended range fuel tanks. It is especially equipped with short field and short take off modifications commonly referred to as a STOL [Short Take-off Landing] kit.

“The aircraft can operate into any airfield in Samoa and American Samoa and carry full loads. The charter services are available when the aircraft is not on deployment doing its contractual surveillance.”

Samoa Air crews have been undergoing training on the aircraft and are expecting to be tasked for deployment overseas later this month, the CEO said.

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